Awesome Design System

A design system is a collection of documentation on principles and best practices, that helps guide a team to build digital products. They are often embodied in UI libraries and pattern libraries, but can extend to include guides on other areas such as ‘Voice and Tone’.

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7 popular premium fonts and their Google alternatives

Picking a good font for your interface can have a major positive impact with pretty less effort on your part. But not all fonts are made equal, especially when it comes to their use for screens. Web and mobile typography has to take into account important aspects like legibility, readability, as well as accessibility.

The cost of premium web fonts made by expert type foundries can add up quickly, especially if the license is based on page views. However good typography doesn’t have to break the bank. There are many high quality fonts out there for no cost. One option is to use Google Fonts, which are also open-source, meaning they allow for both personal and commercial use.

Down below I’m sharing a collection of some of my favorites that I came across within the last couple of months, and that look very similar to a popular premium font.

How to Do A/B Split Testing in WordPress using Google Optimize

Do you want to run A/B split tests on your WordPress site to improve conversions? Split testing helps you understand how small changes in content and design affect user behavior. In this article, we will show you how to easily do A/B split testing in WordPress using Google Optimize.

The Bastard Child of UX: Microcopy

Just like how the internet as we know has been evolving, user experience design has been changing as well. Nowadays, most UX designers that I meet are still stuck with the 2010s definition of UX. They define UX as the fonts and typography, the colors, the content and how is it displayed, and the flow from one part of the experience to the other.

The fact is that to out-innovate other companies, most startups and big companies are forced to look at other components of their product to deliver a better user experience. Since 2015, the latest component that has been included in the arsenal of a UX designer is the small bits of copy that appear on an app’s interface to guide, to reassure or to delight customers i.e. TheMicrocopy.

UI vs. UX: A Culinary Comparison

If the title of this article drew you in, there’s a good chance you’ve seen some kind of Venn diagram with a dozen circles showing the overlap between user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). This article doesn’t dispute any of that. But it does explain UI vs. UX in an alternate way.

One of the most powerful techniques a UX designer can wield is storytelling. Stories allow an audience to relate to a subject in a more meaningful way and hopefully help them understand it better.

This article will combine storytelling with analogy (or the concept of mental models in UX parlance) to approach the subject differently.